Central Croatia is one of the historical regions like Dalmatia, Slavonia, and Istria, between which it is located. It contains several smaller regions: Lika, Gorski Kotar, Posavina, Podravina, Moslavina, Kordun, Banovina, surroundings of Zagreb, Hrvatsko zagorje and Međimurje. The climate is mostly continental while in the higher areas prevails the alpine climate. In this whole area, we can find a great diversity of flora and fauna. Different parts of this region are very diverse in culture and geomorphology, and thus in its touristic offer.

Here you can find the Croatian largest mountain Velebit, the northernmost point of the Republic of Croatia – Žabnik and river with the longest flow through Croatia – Sava. The real specialty of this region are many well preserved middleaged castles and rich archeological sites, out of which most famous is Hušnjakovo brdo near Krapina with the remains of Neanderthal man. The largest urban, political and educational center, and also the capital of the Republic of Croatia is the city of Zagreb, which, with its surroundings, makes one quarter of nation's population.