This area has been settled since the prehistoric times, and before contact with the Romans, it was settled by various Illyrian tribes. With the fall of Western Roman Empire it was exposed to the Great Migration Period, and in the 7th century Croats came and started founding their principalities. In the 10th century, the Kingdom of Croatia was founded and at the beginning of the 12th century it entered the union with Hungary, and after heavy battles with the Ottoman Empire, it joined the Habsburg Monarchy. This area was most prominent in the war with the Ottoman Empire, and most outstanding were towns like Karlovac and Sisak. Capitals of Croatia were also located in this region: first, it was Varaždin, and then it was Zagreb which remained the capital to this day. In the 19th century, the national consciousness gets stronger and Croatian lands started bonding with each other which would be confirmed during the battles in World War II with the incorporation of Međimurje, as well as in the Croatian War of Independence in 1991.