Terms of service



General terms and conditions are an integral part of any contract or voucher, which conclude the HODOS j.d.o.o. for services and tourist agency (hereinafter referred to as travel agency) and passenger (hereinafter referred to as the guest). Travel agencies will implement the travel program in its entirety, except in case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorism, natural disasters, local authorities and goverment interventions, etc.).–


The prices of trips are advertised in the traveling program and are valid from the day of advertising the program. Prices stated in agencies programs are based on contracts with our partners and do not have to conform with prices advertised at the traveler’s destination and an eventual price difference cannot be subject to complaint. The travel organizer may anticipate that a traveler executes payment on the spot of a specific service that will be utilized abroad in the currency of the country where he is to be situated. For services that are paid for on the spot, the traveler submits eventual disputes directly to the executor of the services.

Inquiries and booking for accommodation are received electronically, by e-mail or by telephone. When booking, the guest confirms that he accepts the General Terms entirely. In other words, everything stated in the General Terms becomes legally binding both for the guest and the agency. The agency provides the guest with all the information relevant for the journey, and also offers him travel insurance package as well as the cancellation insurance. When booking, the guest is required to give all the information necessary in the booking procedure.

Arrangement is paid no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip if it`s not agreed different. If the traveler does not execute his obligations no later than 21 days before the beginning of the trip, the reservation will be considered cancelled without the possibility of refunding any advanced payments.

Agency can request for an increase of the agreed upon price a maximum of 21 days before the beginning of the trip if, after the contract was closed, there was a change in the currency rates or an increase of the costs of transport. This includes the costs of fuel or an increase of a fee for certain services (in airports and other ports and alike) which influences the price of the trip, where there was no way it could have been known of beforehand. In that case, the price of the arrangement will be increased reciprocally to the increase of the prices of the calculative elements on the base on which the price is formed. The passenger is obligated to accept the increase of the agreed upon price up to 10%. If there is an increase in the price which is greater than 10%, the passenger has the right to cancel the arrangement but is obligated to inform agency of this within 2 work days from the received notification. In case the arrangement is canceled, the traveler does not have the right for compensation. If the traveler does not deliver his cancellation to agency in written form within the stated time period, it will be assumed that he agrees with the price change.


The agency reserves the right to change or cancel the booked content if before or during holidays special conditions occur that cannot the avoided or eliminated. Booked accommodation can be substituted only with the permission of the guest and by an accommodation of the same or higher category and at the price confirmed during booking. Should the substitute accommodation be available only in an accommodation unit of higher category and should the price of the substitute accommodation be higher by 15% or more than the initially booked accommodation, the agency reserves the right to charge the price difference upon consulting the customer.
In cases where substitute content for paid content is not available, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification (at least 7 days before arrival) and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount for that content. Should an adequate substitute content not be available on the day of arrival, the agency will try to provide information on available content that is not included in agency's offer and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount fot that content.


Should the customer wish to change or cancel a reservation this must be done in written form (email, mail). The change includes the change in the number of people or change of the arrival or departure dates at latest 30 days prior to the arrival date.
The change of the accommodation unit and every change within the 30 days prior to the start of the reservation and also during the use of the accommodation unit is considered the cancellation of the reservation.

Should a change to the reservation not be possible and should the customer cancel for this reason, the conditions for the cancellation of reservation listed below will be enforced.

For any confirmed package, if cancelled by the guest, specific cancellation policy is applied. The date of received written confirmation is considered the date of cancellation, and cancellation fees are calculated as follows:
· For cancellation from 40-30 days before arrival date, 15 % of the total amount (like offered and reserved) will be charged
· For cancellation from 29-22 days before arrival date, 25 % of the total amount (like offered and reserved) will be charged
· For cancellation from 21-15 days before arrival date, 40 % of the total amount (like offered and reserved) will be charged
· For cancellation from 14-8 days before arrival date, 80 % of the total amount (like offered and reserved) will be charged
· For cancellation made 7 or less days before arrival date, 100 % of the total amount (like offered and reserved) will be charged.



The offered hotels, pensions or any other facilities on agencies programs are described according to the official categorization of the respective countries at the moment of the program's issuance. May we point out that local categorization in individual countries differs greatly. Accommodation, food, comfort and other services are under surveillance by local and national tourist authorities, and accommodation and service standards are different and cannot be compared. Agency shall not assume responsibility for any oral or written information that is not in accordance with the description of services and facilities in agencies programs valid for stated voyages, which may have been supplied by agencies employees or any other third person.
The accommodation arrangement in rooms or pensions is determined locally by the reception desk. If the traveler had not specifically arranged a room/pension with certain characteristics, he will accept any officially registered and available room/pension in each individual facility or destination described in the travel program. Accommodation is not possible before 16:00 on the day initiating the utilization of the services, and the same shall be vacated by 10:00 on the day completing the utilization of the services, if not differently stated in the travel program. For later arrivals in accommodation facilities (after 20:00), it is necessary to inform agency of such beforehand, no later that one day before voyage departure, if such a later arrival had not been foreseen in the travel program.


A traveler that registers for a foreign voyage must possess valid travel documents. During registration or by the deadline stated in the program, the traveler shall provide agency with all essential data and documents necessary to obtain a visa for the country of travel. Agency does not guarantee the obtainment of visas. If the traveler does not fulfill the stated obligations or the request for the obtainment of the visa is rejected, it shall be considered that the traveler has terminated the voyage.   
The traveler shall respect customs, currency and other regulations. If the traveler cannot continue his journey due to lack of conformity to regulations, he solely bears all incurred costs and consequences of the same. If the traveler loses travel documents or finds the same stolen during the duration of the voyage, he is obliged to insure new documents at his own cost. The traveler is obliged to secure that he personally, his documents and luggage fulfill conditions prescribed by visa, boarder, customs, health and other regulations of the Republic of Croatia as well as of countries to which will be traveled. The traveler is obliged to comply with rules of conduct in catering and hotel facilities and to cooperate with the representative of the travel organization and service providers in good faith. In the event of non-compliance of the stated obligations, the traveler is responsible for the incurred damage, and agency assumes no responsibility for such damage. In such a case, the amount of damage shall be settled by the traveler to the owner of the facility (hotel, pension, etc.) at the reception desk.
During the signing of the contract, the agencies employee will inform the traveler of the information sources of the country in which the traveler is traveling including the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia. We recommend that each traveler informs themselves by visiting the website www.mvp.hr and examines the list of high- and moderate-risk countries according to the opinion of the MFA of Croatia.
For all travelers who are not citizens of Croatia and do not possess Croatian travel documentation, we recommend that before payment of the travel arrangement, the traveler should personally inquire about the country of travel and conditions that are necessary to fulfill for travel to that country, taking into account the differences in provisions that are valid for citizens of particular countries. Agency may refer the traveler to an information source but do not in any way assume responsibility for consequences that may result for the traveler due to irreverence of such provisions. 

Invalid travel documents, i.e. unapproved visas that as a consequence call for the termination of travel, in no regard constrain agency and conditions for the termination of travel shall be implemented. Agency declines all responsibility for damages that may result due to irreverence of provisions of particular countries or those that may produce invalid travel documents.


If the passenger travels by air, shall be entitled to transport Baggage in accordance with the provisions of the airline. The costs of excess baggage the passenger pays according to current prices of the airline. If transport is by bus, the passenger has the right to enter the bus one piece of luggage (a bag), whose value does not exceed the kuna equivalent of U.S. $ 100, and ski or snowboard. Not allowed to enter the bus or bob sled. The carrier for lost or damaged luggage to match this amount, just in case that the same occurred during transportation. The passenger is obliged to take account of their personal belongings, such as that brought on a bus leaving at each bus, the same things to take with you. Travel agencies and the carrier does not match the passenger for loss or damage to such items.
Travel agency is not responsible for damaged or alienated luggage or valuables in the accommodation (passenger are definitely advised renting a safe). Application for damaged or lost luggage, the passenger indicates the carrier or a responsible person in the accommodation, depending on the fact where the damage or loss of baggage caused.


The traveler is obliged to notify agency of all facts in regards to his health, habits, etc. that may jeopardize the progress of the voyage (if due to health or other reasons, a specific type of food is necessary, if chronically ill, if allergies are present, etc.). In some programs, special travel rules are stated, which include mandatory vaccinations and the acquisition of pertinent documentation. The traveler shall be obliged to execute mandatory vaccinations as well as be in possession of confirmation and documents thereof. We recommend obtaining a health insurance policy.


Notification received by the traveler at the registration location does not oblige the organizer to a greater degree than the notifications and information stated in the travel program itself.


For all travel arrangements where HODOS is the principal organizer, these General Conditions apply except in the event where HODOS is a mediator i.e. is not the principal tour organizer. Such travel arrangements will be specially designated and general conditions of the responsible organizer shall apply thereto. HODOS shall not be held accountable for the implementation of tourist travel arrangements of other organizers. With the execution of the contract, the guest accepts the program and the travel conditions in their entirety.


These conditions and directives for travel exclude all current conditions and directives for travel. General conditions and directives for travel are an integral part of the contract concluded between the guest and HODOS or an authorized tourist agency where the traveler registered for a voyage organized by HODOS. The parties agree that all eventual disputable situations shall be settled by agreement. In the contrary, in the event of a dispute the legally amenable court is the Court of Rijeka, where Croatian legislation shall be used. 

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